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  1. MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which should you buy? | Trusted Reviews
  2. Should you buy the affordable MacBook Air, or is the MacBook Pro worth the price?
  3. The new MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro compared

Plus, it packs a bigger battery for a longer runtime in between charges. The MacBook Air also offers up to 1. And it comes with twice as many USB-C ports. It was the ultimate ultraportable. If you need a machine for writing, email and other everyday computer tasks that you can take with you wherever you go, you should probably buy the MacBook Air. But if you want maximum power because the things you do every day demand that, the Pro remains a better option.

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which should you buy? | Trusted Reviews

Triqtraq turns your iPhone into an amazing groovebox [Review]. Today in Apple history: One more tidbit: Unsurprisingly, the four models are very similar in stature, with mere tenths of an inch separating three of the models:. As you can see, the MacBook is the smallest of the three, but not by much.

Just 0. Defying its surname, the MacBook Air is the thickest and largest of the bunch, clocking in at nearly two inches wider than the MacBook despite having the same-sized screen. Skinny black bezels flank the screen and a giant trackpad is centered below the black keys. As the MacBook is the smallest model, the keys abut the sides of the enclosure and the speakers are above the keyboard, while the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have enough space alongside the keys for a pair of stereo speakers.

The MacBook Air, however, is the last remaining Apple laptop that does have a logo that lights up, though it comes with a much older design. The bezels around the screen are silver and much bigger than on the other MacBooks, and the trackpad is significantly smaller, leaving quite a bit of dead space below the keyboard. Silver MacBook Air Silver, Space Gray.

Should you buy the affordable MacBook Air, or is the MacBook Pro worth the price?

It basically boils down to a matter of preference, but if you have your heart set on gold, the MacBook Pro is out. As with any PC, processor speed is where the MacBooks really set themselves apart from each other. To the untrained eye, the old MacBook Air might seem faster than the new one. The Air uses a dusty fifth-generation Core i5 chip while the new model uses a current eighth-gen one.

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However, you can bump it up to 1. The Pro can also be seriously souped up, with options up to a 2. Still, they all offer slightly different GPUs, with the Pro leading the pack once again:.

The new MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro compared

Best MacBook. As well as giving you software versions of the F1-F12 keys, this context-dependant touchscreen has the ability to present a number of other controls too. Likewise, with the Spotify app, you get improved media controls. It looks cool, and frees up space on your display for other things. Best laptops. Returning for the MacBook Pro line-up, the Touch Bar is now a standard feature of the range — no longer will you get to opt for a cheaper version with function keys, unless you pick up a MacBook Pro from previous generations.

2018 MacBook Air vs 13" MacBook Pro - Which Mac to buy!

These buyers may find some solace in the refreshed MacBook Air range, which has good old-fashioned function keys and nothing resembling a Touch Bar in sight. Not only does Touch ID let you quickly unlock your laptop, but it can also be used to confirm iTunes and App Store purchases. The refreshed MacBook Air has thankfully done away with those chunky old bezels which made the old Airs look decidedly retro and not in a good way. Were it not for the FaceTime HD cameras crammed into each one, we get the impression that Apple may have been tempted to push things further.

Those hoping for a MacBook Air bigger than inches will be disappointed, however.

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  4. Whether the MacBook Air can match that or not is another thing. In terms of maximum brightness, the MacBook Pros quote nits on their spec sheets.

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