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Also supports many ringtones formats. Just set the options and drag in files or folders to convert. Supported formats include: Thanks to everyone that's purchased this app over the years.

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I apologize that I haven't had time to keep this app up to date keeping up with all the latest format codec changes, etc and have made it free to make up for this. I hope you can still find it useful.

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I had an older version of the software that contained a feature which let you amplify the native volume out the output file, which I loved, but it was a "Registered" feature. So rather than pay the money for a license, I checked the App Store to see if I can download it that way and have a copy attached to my Apple ID for future downloads.

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It was twice as expensive, but was the full version. So I bought it. And the features I wanted activated from the previous version were no longer present in the App. Turns out I'd have to still purchase a license within the older version of the app which would be stored on my computer as a file and would talk to the app, giving it the "OK" to enable the features I wanted.

When I try to purchase it again that way, it continuously fails to connect to the server. I contacted the developer several times and explained this. He asked for my apple ID, which I gave him, and then I never heard from him again, despite repeated attempts to address this issue. So I paid twice as much for the App, to end up with the exact same thing I had in the first place, and am now completely unable to use the older version as well. I'm giving this 1 star.

If the developer gets back to me and rectifies this issue, I'll change my review and rating.

‎SoundConverter on the Mac App Store

The app has potential, but there is no support whatsoever. Working on a mac. I created a folder on my desktop. Then I copied all my music folder from itunes to the desktop folder. They were m4a files. Then i launched this program. There is the green icon that pops up when you lauch the program. You have to drag and drop the file you want to convert into green icon! Then the icon will open up a new folder.

At the top of the you can see faintly saying Where you want the mp3's to go? I put them back into the folder i have on my desktop. It then created mp3's in that folder.

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  • Now you have to close the folder and start again where you drop the folder back into the green x.. Just reopen it if it crashes but it will convert many songs at once. I like it and it was very easy to use. The program has not been udpated in forever and does not work. Corrupt sounds, crashing, and more. I am throwing it away.

    Sad because it was a very handy tool before. The program has the perfect interface, and workds on occasion. But it keeps crashing. Open it up and do the same thign again and it will work, then a few minutes later crash again.

    Easy RM to MP3 Converter

    Crash crash crash. I am going to look for another program. Buying it from the App store is a big improvement over the old licensing method, which seemed to forgot its registration and get screwed up too easily. Audio Interchange File Format. Adaptive Multi-Rate. Creative Labs Audio File. Advanced Systems Format. Dolby Digital. Tracker Formats. True Audio. Qualcomm PureVoice Audio File. GSM Voice Codec. Minecraft Encrypted Music File. Sony Wave ACT Voice. Sony OpenMG. Third Generation Partnership Project.

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    RM to MP3 Converter

    Flash Video. Use for Facebook Video. Matroska Multimedia Container. QuickTime File Format.

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